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Healthcare Transformation Summit 2018

Partnering for Success
Modern Healthcare Magazine & Austin Healthcare Council
"Healthcare Transformation Summit, June 7-8, 2018"
Austin, Texas

"Achieving next generation heatlhcare transformation through Innovation, Communication, and Collaboration"


Healthcare is transforming at a rapidly-accelerating pace. Among the leading issues, shifting healthcare policy, an intensified focus on population health and the call to engage patients in their care are creating challenges that require collaboration and innovation by all.

Join Modern Healthcare for this two-day event, where we bring together senior executives from hospitals and health systems, suppliers, payers, venture capitalists and other entities along the care continuum to discuss how the healthcare industry is changing and how leaders can drive and implement transformation in their own organizations.

Key Topics

  • Promoting effective partnerships between providers, payers and suppliers for mutual success
  • Investing in healthcare and exploring new funding mechanisms for the next generation of healthcare innovation
  • Identifying and capitalizing on the key future trends and growth opportunities in healthcare
  • Explore ways to make the digital patient engagement experience a differentiator in the healthcare marketplace

Previous Events

William Frist M.D.

William Frist M.D., Past US Senate 
Majority Leader

Tuesday, January 31st

Dr. Raquel C. Bono, Vice Admiral

Dr. Raquel C. Bono,
Vice Admiral

Thursday, March 23rd

Karen DeSalvo M.D., MPH, MSc

Karen DeSalvo, M.D.,

Thursday, June 22nd

Bruce Greenstein, CTO

Bruce D. Greenstein,

Tuesday, August 22nd

Paul H. Keckley

Paul H. Keckley
Managing Editor

Wednesday, September 20th


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